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Jeffrey D Brown


Author: Leon White
Title: Styles for the Studio, 40th Anniversary Edition
Publisher: Six String Logic
Date of Publication: May, 2016
Retail Price: $19.95
Pages: 92
Type: Paperback
Available: Digital Downloads (Over 100 audio backing tracks, videos and documentation)


Styles for the Studio
A Foundation for Modern Guitar Improvisation

Leon White, one of the best-selling authors in Guitar Instruction Books, has just released a new version of the classic guitar book for anyone wanting to improve their improvisation on guitar: Styles for the Studio.

Originally issued only in print, Styles now carries over 100 backing tracks and 12 concise videos along with 88 packed pages of new typeset and graphics. Additional content makes it even easier to connect the sounds of improvising to the fingerboard of the guitar in a simple complete fashion. The secret of interlocking scale and arpeggio fingerings and the sounds they bring are fully explained without the need for TAB for beginner and intermediate guitarists. The Mystery of how simple scale spelling can explain the relationship of scales, chords, and melody is laid out in clear diagrams and explanation. In depth discussions of improvising techniques like string bends and double string bends are clearly illustrated. Learning time can now be compressed without losing valuable knowledge of how each part fits together and supports all the other components in creative performance.


Leon is the author of the best-selling book Styles for the Studio and the newly released 40th Anniversary Edition. He is a music educator with a broad background in professional music production from gear to books.

  1. Leon started working during school repairing guitars and amplifiers at local music stores. He began his professional career as a sideman playing guitar, bass, and 5-string banjo.
  2. Leon’s first books (Sight to Sound and Styles for the Studio) were released in the era of traditional publishing, but he was an early adopter of blended media teaching solutions with insert records in books, and companion record albums.
  3. He has produced (with William Perry) the legendary Ted Greene Recording “Solo Guitar” and Dan Sawyer’s first album “Cross Over.”
  4. He has worked as a recording engineer and jack-of-all-audio trades on movie and TV recording projects, and produced electronic Foley for that medium.
  5. His earlier company, Professional Music Products, distributed music books, and the early (and highly sought after) Buffer pedals from Paul Rivera (Buff I through IV). Paul and Leon also introduced the “Hot Sink” and “Super Sink” power soaks to safely reduce volume from over-driven amplifiers. Rivera’s “Silent Sister” is now the standard for that product.
  6. His history with vintage instruments and work with musical instruments and electronics has led him to build custom guitars with proprietary pickups and tone control.
  7. He is a founding partner of the new publisher, Six String Logic, LLC to return to his first love of simplifying and accelerating the joy of music for students and players world-wide.

Outside of work Leon remains devoted to his family and the family Springer Spaniel. He enjoys history and science in his reading hours.