Leon White has written, edited or produced over 50 books, albums and reference collections focused on guitar, bass, music theory and more. A few of those works are highlighted below.

For Chord Study, Leon has written:

  • Chord Systems40th Anniversary Edition   Just reissued in January, 2020. Substantially rewritten and enlarged to 160 pages
  • The Guitarist’s Chord Guide Quick reference of open, barre, and 4 note jazz chords.

For Improvising, Leon has written the following:

  • Styles for the Studio Reissued in May, 2016 as the 40th Anniversary Edition. Originally issued only in print, Styles now includes over 100 new backing tracks and 12 concise videos along with 88 packed pages of updated material and new typeset and graphics.
  • Modern Improvising Volumes 1 through 3 (Rock Blues, and Jazz)
  • The Scale Book – All Styles using the Treble Clef
  • Professional Workshop Series Albums – Volumes 1 through 4

As Producer:

  • Ted Greene’s Legendary Album “Solo Guitar” (Co-produced with W. Perry)
  • “Crossover”, Dan Sawyer’s powerhouse guitar album

For Reading Music, Leon has written:

  • Sight to Sound Reading from major scale positions
  • Sight Reading On Guitar Sight Reading, including charts
  • Time after Time Rhythmic studies for all instruments

For Harmony and Theory, Leon has included information in most of the books he’s written, including appendices, as well as:

  • The Harmony and Theory Guide – an 8 page quick reference of basic harmony information

For Electric Bass he has written and collaborated on:

  • Bassically Scales Scales for Rock, Blues, Country and Jazz for bass clef instruments
  • Bass Connections Bass Patterns organized by chord
  • The Complete Electric Bassist (with William Perry) Electric Bass Method Book
  • The Bassist’s Chord Guide A quick reference of bass notes by chord type

Especially for Piano and other keyboard instruments, Leon has written:

  • The Keyboard Scale Book – Scales for Rock, Jazz, Blues and Pop

Also for guitar from Leon White:

  • SuperMethod for Guitar An integrated 6 volume system for guitar including teacher’s manual. It covered music reading, position playing, harmony, theory and chords.

As editor, some of the books Leon has worked on include:

  • The Larry Carlton Transcription Book
  • Metamorphosis – Transformation of the Jazz Solo by Sam Most
  • Guitar Beginnings by Brent Block
  • Site Melodies by Brent Block
  • Basics: A Beginning Method for Guitar by Brent Block
  • Creative Chord Substitution by Eddie Arkin

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